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Award-winning community policing strategies : a report for the International Association of Chiefs of Police Community Policing Committee / Carlos Fields. e-Books 2007 CPRC
Community policing for mayors : a municipal service model for policing and beyond / by Robert Chapman and Matthew Scheider. e-Books 2006 CPRC
Drunk driving / by Michael S. Scott with Nina J. Emerson, Louis B. Antonacci, Joel B. Plant. e-Books 2006 CPRC
Video surveillance of public places [electronic resource] / by Jerry Ratcliffe. e-Books 2006 CPRC
Knowledge management in policing [electronic resource] / by T. Dave Chavez, Michael R. Pendleton, and Jim Bueerman. e-Books 2005 CPRC
Crimes against tourists / by Ronald W. Glensor, Kenneth J. Peak. e-Books 2004 CPRC
The impact of video evidence on modern policing / Daniel N. Rosenblatt, Eugene R. Cromartie, John Firman ; prepared for U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. e-Books 2004 CPRC
The benefits and consequences of police crackdowns [electronic resource] / by Michael S. Scott. e-Books 2003 CPRC
Call management and community policing : a guidebook for law enforcement / report contributors Tom McEwen, Deborah Spence, Russell Wolff, Julie Wartell, Barbara Webster. e-Books 2003 CPRC
Community policing in action! : a practitioner's eye view of organizational change / by Andrea Schneider ; contributing authors Clark Kimerer, Scott Seaman, Joan Sweeney. e-Books 2003 CPRC
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