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Intelligence-led community policing, community prosecution, and community partnerships. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Preparing for the unimaginable : how chiefs can safeguard officer mental health before and after mass casualty events / Laura Usher, Stefanie Friedhoff, Sam Cochran, Anand Pandya. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Understanding firearms assaults against law enforcement officers in the United States / by Joseph B. Kuhns, Diana Dolliver, Emily Bent, and Edward R. Maguire. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Las Vegas after-action assessment : lessons learned from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's ambush incident / Zoë Thorkildsen, Ashley Shultz, Thomas Woodmansee, Drew Tracy. e-Books 2016 CPRC
After-action assessment of the police response to the August 2014 demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Ambushes of police : environment, incident dynamics, and the aftermath of surprise attacks against law enforcement / George Fachner, Zoë Thorkildsen. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Final report of the President’s task force on 21st century policing / President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Health, safety, and wellness program case studies in law enforcement / Joseph B. Kuhns, Edward R. Maguire, Nancy R. Leach. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Identifying hot spots of juvenile offending : a guide for crime analysts / by Charlotte Gill, Zoe Vitter, David Weisburd. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Interim report of the President's task force on 21st century policing. e-Books 2015 CPRC
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