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Title Resource Year Collection
Police / school board protocol : between the: Toronto Police Service, Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, Conseil scolaire Viamonde. e-Books 2011 CPRC
School resource officer program : 2011 follow-up evaluation. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Evaluation of the Human Rights Project Charter : executive summary. e-Books 2010 CPRC
School resource officer program : 2008/2009 evaluation. e-Books 2009 CPRC
In-car camera pilot project evaluation. e-Books 2007 CPRC
Professional standards annual report / Toronto Police Service. Periodicals 2007 CPRC
Author's address re review and recommendations concerning various aspects of police misconduct. e-Books 2004 CPRC
Report of the Toronto Police Service community summit : Rallying Toronto Against Violence : In Search of Community-Based Solutions. e-Books 2004 CPRC
Policing a world within a city : the race relations initiatives of the Toronto Police Service. e-Books 2003 CPRC
Report of the Board/Service Race Relations Joint Working Group. e-Books 2003 CPRC
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