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"Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society"

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Title Resource Year Location
The global fight against terror : an analysis of the effectiveness of counter-terrorism governance / Chris Bordeleau, Jeff J. Chalifoux, and Karina Sangha. e-Books 2015 Kanishka
Terrorist babble and the limits of the law : assessing a prospective Canadian terrorism glorification offense / Craig Forcese & Kent Roach. e-Books 2015 Kanishka
Between here and there : pre- and post-migration experiences and generalized trust among recent immigrants in Canada / Antoine Bilodeau and Stephen E. White. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
Can "dangerous speech" be used to explain "lone-wolf" terrorism? / Jesse MacLean. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
Eco-terrorism and the corresponding legislative efforts to intervene and prevent future attacks / Sue-Ming Yang, Yi-Yuan Su, Jennifer Varriale Carson. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
The effectiveness & effects of Canada’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams / Veronica Kitchen. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
A framework for estimating the number of extremists in Canada / Garth Davies and Stephanie Dawson. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
(Mis)understanding Muslim converts in Canada : a critical discussion of Muslim converts in the contexts of security and society / Scott Flower and Deborah Birkett. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
Perceptions of Muslim faith, ethno-cultural community-based and student organizations in countering domestic terrorism in Canada / Kawser Ahmed, James Fergusson, and Alexander Salt. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
The process of radicalization : right-wing skinheads in Quebec / Samuel Tanner and Aurélie Campana. e-Books 2014 Kanishka
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