Homes Fires Family Program (formerly Chimatawa Family Youth Project)

Program snapshot

Age group: Late childhood (7-11); Adolescence (12-17)

Gender: Mixed (male and female)

Population served: Aboriginal/Indigenous; Families

Topic: Social development

Setting: Urban area; Community-based setting; Recreational/sport-based setting

Location: Saskatchewan

Number of completed Canadian outcome evaluation studies: 0

Continuum of intervention: Primary crime prevention

Brief Description

The Homes Fires Family Youth Program targets at-risk Aboriginal children/youth and their parents/caregivers. Participating youth and parents have been referred by other participants, other service agencies and various schools in the North Central Regina community.

The program is centered on academic support; after school activities; mentoring – tutoring; swimming and social activities; Saturday morning family breakfasts; incorporation of Aboriginal cultural elements and approach by staff; Devotional Circle and Meal; utilization of the  Circle of Courage® Model; Indigenous Dancing; Sewing dance outfits; Pow wow dancing; Bicycle recycling/distribution; Computer Club; Cooking Classes; Craft Nights.


The main goals of the Homes Fires Family program are:

  • Promoting prosocial, personal growth and development of children and youth through group activities in a safe environment. Life skills are nurtured through a holistic and culturally sensitive approach;
  • Teaching and incorporation/exposure of Aboriginal cultural elements and approach by staff; and 
  • Identifying and building positive relationships. Consistent encouragement to parents/caregivers to participate with their children/youth in all aspects of programming.


Children, youth and their parents/caregivers of all ages/genders can be referred for programming. Other service agencies within the North Central neighbourhood and larger city of Regina make referrals, and families can self-refer by phoning or stopping by the Indian Metis Christian Fellowship.

Core Components

The program components of the Homes Fire Family program include the following:

After School, on Tuesdays-Fridays:

  • Youth Drop-in Centre (3-5 pm);
  • Computer Club (3-5 pm);
  • Literacy and Learning (twice/weekly);
  • Chimatawa Circle (Talking, Smudging and Life Skills);
  • Sewing Group;
  • Cooking Class;
  • Sports (street hockey, baseball, basketball and swimming);
  • Craft Nights (2-3/month);
  • Chimatawa Dance Troupe – Hip Hop and Traditional Pow Wow;
  • Chimatawa Drum Group;
  • Movie Nights (1 Friday/month);
  • Game Nights (1 Friday/month); and
  • Family Night (1 Friday/month).


  • Family Days (i.e. Chimatawa Family Celebrations);
  • Family breakfast – Saturday mornings; and
  • Community Gardening.

Seasonal Activities:

  • Outdoor recreational activities;
  • Indoor recreational activities;
  • Chimatawa Family Camp (3rd week in July);
  • Youth Camp (2nd week of August);
  • Day Camps (July/August);
  • Chimatawa Bicycle Recycle Project – 1 or 2 distribution days in Spring;
  • National Aboriginal Day celebrations; and
  • Gathering sage/other plant materials.

Implementation Information

Some of the critical elements for the implementation of this program or initiative include the following:

  • Organizational requirements: On-site Management Team; Collaboration and relationships with other community partner agencies; knowledge of community activities/opportunities for participants; Knowledge of resources and duty to report regarding child well-being/welfare. The Homes Fires Family Youth Program has 2 paid staff: a Family Youth Supervisor and a Program Assistant.
  • Partnerships: In-house team; various community programs/agencies; community police; funders; Adult and Youth Probation staff.  
  • Training and technical assistance: Limited information on this topic.
  • Risk assessment tools: Limited information on this topic.
  • Materials & resources: Limited information on this topic.

International Endorsements

The most recognized classification systems of evidence-based crime prevention programs have classified this program or initiative as follows:

  • Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development: Not applicable.
  • Crime Solutions/OJJDP Model Program Guide: Not applicable.
  • SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices: Not applicable.
  • Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy: Not applicable.

Gathering Canadian Knowledge

Canadian Implementation Sites

The Homes Fires Family program is run by the Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (IMCF) in Regina.

Main Findings from Canadian Outcome Evaluation Studies

No information available.

Cost Information

No information available.


There is no Canadian reference available at this time.

For more information on this program, contact:

Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
3131 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 0Y5
Telephone: 306-359-0103

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