High Prairie Police Cadet Corp

Program snapshot

Age group: Late childhood (7-11); Adolescence (12-17)

Gender: Mixed (male and female)

Population served: Aboriginal/Indigenous

Topic: Alcohol and/or drug use; Bullying/cyberbullying; Social/economic disadvantage

Setting: Rural/remote area; Community-based setting

Location: Alberta

Number of completed Canadian outcome evaluation studies: 0

Continuum of intervention: Secondary crime prevention

Brief Description

The High Prairie Cadet Corp project engages Aboriginal youth in activities that build leadership skills, pride, and motivation to succeed. The project was designed to encompass weekly activities such as training with wooden rifles, compass navigation, first aid, drug-abuse and anti-bullying workshops as well as providing Aboriginal cultural programming.

The local RCMP assisted in the project by conducting the weekly drill practices and providing additional assistance where possible.


The main goals of the High Prairie Cadet Corp project are to:

  • Build self-confidence;
  • Build peer relationships;
  • Develop a positive relationship with authority;
  • Improve participant behaviour; and
  • Improve school performance.


The appropriate clientele for the High Prairie Cadet Corp project are potentially at-risk, low income Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal boys and girls over six years old who are interested in activities that will build leadership skills, pride, and the motivation to succeed.

Core Components

The High Prairie Cadet Corp project involved the following:

  • Weekly training with wooden rifles, compass navigation, first aid, drug abuse and anti-bullying workshops; and
  • Following the Medicine Wheel model: Aboriginal Cultural Development; Community Engagement; Leadership Development; Youth Engagement; and Life Skills and Wellness.

Implementation Information

Some of the critical elements for the implementation of this program or initiative include the following:

  • Organizational requirements: Limited information on this topic.
  • Partnerships: Limited information on this topic.
  • Training and technical assistance: The Cadets took a compass & map training, a Bullying workshop, a Suicide Prevention workshop, the First Aid certification course, and took part in a survival Camp.
  • Risk assessment tools: Limited information on this topic.
  • Materials & resources: Limited information on this topic.

International Endorsements

The most recognized classification systems of evidence-based crime prevention programs have classified this program or initiative as follows:

  • Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development: Not applicable.
  • Crime Solutions/OJJDP Model Program Guide: Not applicable.
  • SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices: Not applicable.
  • Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy: Not applicable.

Gathering Canadian Knowledge

Canadian Implementation Sites

The High Prairie Cadet Corp project was implemented in High Prairie (Alberta) from 2011 to 2014 and funded through the Safe Communities Innovation Fund (SCIF), Government of Alberta.

Main Findings from Canadian Outcome Evaluation Studies

No information available.

Cost Information

No information available.


Alberta Community Crime Prevention Organizations. (2015). Social Return on Investment (SROI) Case Study: High Prairie Police Cadet Corp. Recipient of Safe Communities Innovation Fund, Government of Alberta. Available from: https://open.alberta.ca/publications/safe-communities-innovation-fund-pilot-project-executive-summaries

For more information on this program, contact:

High Prairie Native Friendship Centre Society
Melody Pruden
Telephone: (780) 523-4511                              
E-mail: metismarvelous@hotmail.com

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