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Aboriginal peoples and the criminal justice system [electronic resource] / Jonathan Rudin. e-Books 2005 CPRC
Addressing Aboriginal land and treaty rights in Ontario : an analysis of past policies and options for the future / Michael Coyle. e-Books 2005 CPRC
The collection and use of intelligence in policing public order events / Wayne P. Wawryk. e-Archives 2005 PS-CPRC
Crown and Aboriginal occupations of land : a history & comparison / John Borrows. e-Books 2005 CPRC
The idea of the political "independence" of the police [electronic resource] : international interpretations and experiences e-Books 2005 CPRC
Ipperwash Inquiry : youth and elder forum about aboriginal and police relations : notes. e-Books 2005 CPRC
The role of the natural resources regulatory regime in Aboriginal rights disputes in Ontario / Jean Teillet. e-Books 2005 CPRC
Trespass and expressive rights / W. Wesley Pue. e-Books 2005 CPRC
Warrior societies in contemporary indigenous communities / Taiaiake Alfred and Lana Lowe. e-Books 2005 CPRC
Challenge, choice, & change [electronic resource] : a report on evidence-based practice in the provision of policing services to Aboriginal peoples / prepared by Human Sector Resources. e-Books 2004 CPRC
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