The Canadian Disaster Database (CDD) contains detailed disaster information on more than 1000 natural, technological and conflict events (excluding war) that have happened since 1900 at home or abroad and that have directly affected Canadians.

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When could sharing a private pic be illegal?

Sexting. We've all heard about it, and we all probably have an opinion about it too. Is it harmless, just a part of how people flirt nowadays, or is it dangerous with potential risks to your safety and reputation?

Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

In line with measures taken by our allies, our Government is taking additional action to help our law enforcement and national security agencies stop those who promote terrorism, including attacks on Canadians. We are also taking action to prevent terrorist travel and thwart efforts to use Canada as a recruiting ground, and prevent planned attacks on our soil.



Victims of Crime - Staying Informed

Victims of Crime - Staying Informed
This booklet is a guide that provides victims with information on what they are entitled to know, how to obtain that information, the role victims can play in CSC's and PBC's decision-making process, and other services offered at the federal level.

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Forest Fires

Forest fires spread quickly. Learn how to stay safe.