Economics of Policing

The economics of policing is about the evolution and sustainability of policing. It is about keeping people safe in an environment where, regardless of the challenges, we are open to innovation and reform.

At a time of fiscal challenges for many jurisdictions, governments and police services share a common goal of keeping people and communities safe, while ensuring policing services are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible. Public Safety Canada is committed to working with municipalities, provinces, territories and other stakeholders to help address the challenges facing our police services.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers on the Economics of Policing

In January 2012, federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for justice and public safety had an initial discussion on the “economics of policing” and agreed to hold a summit on the subject. At their meeting in Regina on October 31, 2012, federal, provincial and territorial Ministers also agreed that a key outcome for the Summit will be to lay the foundation for the development of a shared forward agenda for policing in Canada.

Additionally, ministers agreed to share information across jurisdictions on new and innovative approaches to policing and community safety. A working group is collecting information from all governments and police services on initiatives that aim to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of policing in Canada.

On January 16 and 17, 2013, the Summit on the Economics of Policing was hosted by the Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Vic Toews in Ottawa, Canada.

Beyond the Summit

The Summit on the Economics of Policing was one step on a longer journey toward strengthening Canada's policing advantage. Since the Summit, Public Safety Canada has been working with provincial, territorial and municipal governments, police services and other stakeholders to raise awareness and maintain the momentum of innovation and reform towards increasing policing efficiency and effectiveness.

As part of federal, provincial and territorial Ministers' commitment to improve the sharing of information, governments and police services have worked together in compiling a database of innovative initiatives and approaches that contribute to police efficiency and effectiveness while helping keep communities safe. The result is the Index of Policing Initiatives, an evergreen, online search engine and the first police information-sharing tool of its kind in Canada.

Shared Forward Agenda

Acting on the direction from Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety, Public Safety Canada worked with all levels of governments, police and other stakeholders to develop the Shared Forward Agenda. On November 13, 2013, Ministers approved the Shared Forward Agenda on the future of policing in Canada.

Police Education and Learning Summit

The Economics of Policing: Police Education & Learning Summit, held September 17-18, 2013 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, was co-organized by Public Safety Canada and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. The Summit brought together police leaders, training experts, frontline officers, academics, and industry representatives to explore and identify learning needs and priorities for Canadian police in the context of the larger Economics of Policing dialogue. This Summit set out to:

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