Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards Over $25,000

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Recipient Name Location Date Value
Association Québécoise des Bénévoles en Recherche et sauvetage Prévost, Québec 2016-06-09 $349,039.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada Burlington, Ontario 2016-06-03 $3,576,954.00
Conseil de Bande d'Opitciwan Opitciwan, Quebec 2016-04-28 $2,390,251.00
Conseil de Bande d'Opitciwan Opitciwan, Quebec 2016-05-05 $400,000.00
Conseil des Montagnais du Lac Saint-Jean Mashteuiastsh, Quebec 2016-05-05 $400,000.00
Department of Justice, Province of Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba 2016-06-16 $2,859,953.00
Great Fundy Ground Search and Rescue Kierstead Mountain, New Brunswick 2016-06-17 $397,053.00
Ka Ni Kanichihk, Inc. Winnipeg, Manitoba 2016-06-30 $4,202,652.00
Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration London, Ontario 2016-05-19 $1,536,382.00
National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada Bolton, Ontario 2016-06-12 $311,950.00
Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office New Minas, Nova Scotia 2016-05-30 $38,798.00
Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association Dominion, Nova Scotia 2016-05-25 $100,316.00
Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities Edmonton, Alberta 2016-06-27 $2,735,302.00
The YMCAs of Quebec Montreal, Quebec 2016-06-15 $5,053,034.00
TwelveDot Labs incorporated Ottawa, Ontario 2016-06-08 $99,993.00
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