Regulations for the implementation of Bill C-23

Description of the objective

Bill C-23 (Preclearance Act, 2016) is the legislation required to implement the Agreement on Land, Rail, Marine and Air Transport Preclearance between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Unites States of America. Bill C-23 was introduced in June 2016 and, if passed, would allow for the expansion of preclearance services to all modes of transportation. Regulations would be required for the implementation of the legislation.

These regulations may include who would have access to preclearance areas and establish conditions for that access, as well as authorize how goods detained during the preclearance process would be disposed of.

Regulations would also need to be created or amended to allow the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to perform preclearance in the United States. This would include regulations to permit the CBSA to administer the various Acts and Regulations that is currently administer at ports of entry in Canada, such as the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, outside of Canada.

Indication of business impacts

There are no expected business impacts.

Public consultation opportunities

All interested parties will be provided the opportunity to participate in the regulatory development process following the pre-publication of the regulations in Part I of the Canada Gazette anticipated for Winter 2017.

Departmental contact

Nuno Bellem
Senior Policy Advisor

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