Administrative Burden Baseline: Update 2020

The Administrative Burden Baseline provides Canadians with a clear metric on the total number of requirements in federal regulations and associated forms that impose administrative burden on business. This baseline contributes to the openness and transparency of the federal regulatory system.

All federal regulations that are administered by Public Safety Canada that have requirements that impose administrative burden on business are identified below. Between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, the Department's total count of administrative burden requirements did not change. There were no regulatory changes that affected the existing count of administrative burden requirements in any of the Department's regulations. In addition there were no changes to forms or schedules attached to or associated with the regulations. As a result the baseline count remains unchanged from the 2014 baseline count of 229.

Title of the regulation SOR Number 2019 Count
Conditions of Transferring Firearms and Other Weapons Regulations 98-202 26
Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations 98-201 10
Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations 98-212 77
Special Authority to Possess Regulations 98-208 20
Storage, Display and Transportation of Firearms and Other Weapons by Business Regulations 98-210 2
Firearms Licences Regulations 98-199 94
Total count 229

Previous years’ counts for Public Safety Canada are available upon request.

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