Summaries of ATIP Completed Requests for February 2015

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Pages Disclosed
A-2014-00207 Briefing materials, notes, reports and presentation decks created by the Government Operations Centre on October 22, 2014 Disclosed in part 34
A-2014-00215 Briefing notes prepared for the Deputy Minister for October 14 to 21, 2014 Disclosed in part 362
A-2014-00219 Applications for de-listing under section 83.05(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada since 2001 Disclosed in part 11
A-2014-00228 Records on distracted driving due to communications devices and CSIS operatives, from September 1, 2013 to November 3, 2014 Disclosed in part 3
A-2014-00263 Briefing notes 403742, 403783, 403839 Disclosed in part 135
A-2014-00283 Statistics on identity theft by Canadian impostors and foreign impostors (2004-2014) Disclosed in part 105
A-2014-00297 File # 1050 June 8, 2014 Docket # DEP-404301 Disclosed in part 14
A-2014-00325 List of briefing notes for the Minister and any employee at the Associate Deputy Minister level or higher in December 2014 Disclosed in part 8
A-2014-00330 Request for a variety of briefing notes Disclosed in part 77
A-2014-00335 Briefing notes to the Minister's Office containing the terms "Police Militarization", "Militarized Police" or "Militarized Policing", dating back to January 1, 2010 No records exist 0
A-2014-00340 Docket # PS-001954 Dec. 1, 2014 All disclosed 9
A-2014-00345 Docket # PS-001198 Oct. 28, 2014 All disclosed 7
A-2014-00355 List of items purchased or received from the Department of National Defence (2001 to February 12, 2015) No records exist 0
A-2014-00357 Records that mention the National Firearms Association of Canada from January 1, 2014 to January 27, 2015 No records exist 0
A-2014-00369 All records and emails on the 1st North American Expeditionary Force since Jan 1, 2014 as well as on the case of Dillon Hillier who joined the Kurdes Military forces to fight the IS No records exist 0
A-2014-00370 Documents in folder CCM or Docket # 388977 (July 2012) re: Farmers for Justice, clemency, pardon and wheat board Nothing disclosed (excluded) 0
A-2014-00375 Synergology services used by Public Safety Canada in the past five years No records exist 0
A-2014-00376 Records from January 1, 2000 to December 5, 2014 on the African rock python living at Reptile Ocean in August 2013 No records exist 0
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