Summaries of ATIP Completed Requests for May 2014

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Pages Disclosed
A-2013-00360 Portfolio records from Aug 20 to Sept 12, 2013 Disclosed in part 621
A-2013-00414 Meeting between the Minister, his staff and members of the Muslim and Somali communities held in Ottawa on January 22, 2014 Disclosed in part 547
A-2013-00423 Copy of A-2013-00334 Disclosed in part 1046
A-2013-00424 Security risks incurred by Canadian athletes at the 2014 Olympic Games (October 1, 2013 to January 30, 2014) Disclosed in part 15
A-2013-00426 Copy of documents listed in A-2013-00168 Disclosed in part 72
A-2013-00448 Request for 11 various briefing notes sent to the Minister Disclosed in part 152
A-2013-00454 Records re: Lucia Vega Jiménez Disclosed in part 61
A-2014-00001 Report created by PHD Consulting Services on illicit tobacco in the field of health studies All disclosed 92
A-2014-00002 Report created by William Sims on illicit tobacco in the field of economics All disclosed 61
A-2014-00003 Report created by Martin Bouchard on illicit tobacco in the field of applied criminology All disclosed 143
A-2014-00004 Copy of the 2013 Expert Panel report on the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs) Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
A-2014-00006 Feb-Apr 2014 briefing notes/memos re: reclassification of guns or the granting of amnesty to gun owners affected Disclosed in part 5
A-2014-00016 All emails containing the word 'drugs' and 'containers' between March 26 and March 31, 2014 All disclosed 7
A-2014-00021 Cycle of correspondence between a Canadian Citizen and the Public Safety Minister Disclosed in part 10
A-2014-00029 Annual salary, overtime paid or supplementary services, bonuses performance re : each of the Minister's drivers (July 15, 2013 to April 17, 2014) Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
A-2014-00031 Callups (THS) issued in the National Capital Region for Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 and Jan, Feb, Mar 2014 Disclosed in part 56
A-2014-00033 Copy of the report(s) of the Comprehensive Review of the First Nations Policing Program All disclosed 479
A-2014-00035 Ministerial Directives to Canada Border Services Agency from Jan 1, 2004 to Sept 8, 2009 & June 21, 2013 to Apr 15, 2014 No records exist 0
A-2014-00044 Report titled 'The State of Police Research in Canada: A Review' Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
A-2014-00048 Policy on accessing telecom, social media, internet company user data from Jan 1, 2013 to Jan 1, 2014 No records exist 0
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