Summaries of ATIP Completed Requests for November 2014

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Pages Disclosed
A-2013-00406 Various memoranda and briefing notes from A-2013-00259 Disclosed in part 613
A-2014-00028 Records on the 2014 meeting of the Firearms Advisory Committee, including recommendations, minutes and briefing materials, but not including documents only related to travel claims Disclosed in part 263
A-2014-00039 Records created and/or gathered from January 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014 concerning leaks of American security documents by Edward Snowden, as well as Public Safety Canada's internal response Disclosed in part 1760
A-2014-00099 Records concerning the Supreme Court's Spencer decision (June 12, 2014) prepared for or by Associate Deputy Ministers and the Deputy minister between June 9 and July 3, 2014 Disclosed in part 12
A-2014-00108 Records from January 1, 2012 to July 18, 2014 concerning the decryption of communications or data that has been encrypted by application service providers (Skype, Gmail, Facebook Chat, etc.), for law enforcement or intelligence purposes Disclosed in part 70
A-2014-00133 Records from March 31, 2013 to August 12, 2014 in the Cyber Incident Response Centre related to the incident that was discovered to be the attempt by a Chinese state-sponsored actor to intrude in the IT systems of the National Research Council. Disclosed in part 174
A-2014-00136 Internal communications from June 15 to August 21, 2014 created for the deputy minister or minister relating to the cyber attack on the National Research Council. Disclosed in part 253
A-2014-00137 Records from July 1 to 29, 2014 regarding the cyber-attack on the computers at the National Research Council. Disclosed in part 295
A-2014-00141 Records from July 2013 to August 2014 pertaining to intercepted private communications by the Communications Security Establishment Canada that were subject to the review by the Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner Disclosed in part 12
A-2014-00180 Records concerning the decision to overturn the RCMP's decision to replace muskrat fur hats (September 26, 2014 to October 9, 2014) Disclosed in part 97
A-2014-00183 Records from April 1 to October 8, 2014 prepared by the Public Safety Canada’s National Security Policy Directorate and National Security Operations Directorate that relate to terrorist incident contingency plans. Disclosed in part 12
A-2014-00194 Briefing notes and portions of briefing binder prepared by Public Safety Canada and supplied to the Minister in preparation for the October 8, 2014 House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security meeting. Disclosed in part 128
A-2014-00196 Emails sent and received by the Minister's staff from June 1 to October 22, 2014 that relate to the Minister's acquisition of a firearms license and related firearms training, and social media messaging surrounding those events. No records exist 0
A-2014-00197 Reports concerning the effectiveness, efficiency or due economy of the Office of the Inspector General of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service made available after January 1, 2006 and before the disestablishment of the Office in 2012. Disclosed in part 20
A-2014-00201 List of briefing notes for the Minister from June 20 to October 22, 2014 Disclosed in part 36
A-2014-00203 Records created from October 19 to 28, 2014 concerning an incident in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec in which two Canadian soldiers were attacked No records exist 0
A-2014-00206 Risk assessments created by the Government Operations Centre from September 1 to 30, 2014 No records exist 0
A-2014-00208 Risk assessments created by the Government Operations Centre from October 1 to 21, 2014 No records exist 0
A-2014-00211 Records provided to the Deputy Minister and/or Minister that were directly related to the message event proposal for the October 27, 2014 announcement of the Protection of Canada from Terrorists Act Disclosed in part 46
A-2014-00213 Briefing notes prepared for the Director General, National Security Operations Directorate from October 1 to 22, 2014 No records exist 0
A-2014-00220 Documents from June 1 to October 31, 2014 concerning the amounts spent on equipment, loans of airplanes, helicopters, and all operational costs related to the killing of Justin Bourque in Moncton, New Brunswick All disclosed 4
A-2014-00224 Records from the last five years concerning Canadians being recruited to fight for ISIL and Canadians leaving to fight in Syria No records exist 0
A-2014-00237 Evaluation of the measures to address contraband tobacco Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
A-2014-00239 Records dated between July 1 and November 17, 2014 concerning the book The Man Behind the Bow Tie about Arthur Porter, former Chair of SIRC No records exist 0
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