Summaries of ATIP Completed Requests for December 2012

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Pages Disclosed
A-2011-00352 Records detailing the cost of the Safe Streets and Communities Act from January 1, 2012 to March 22, 2012 Disclosed in part 990
A-2012-00023 Emails, memos and reports related to the repatriation or transfer of Omar Khadr since February 1, 2011. Disclosed in part 446
A-2012-00152 Correspondence received and sent from the Minister from July 1 to 31, 2012 Disclosed in part 60
A-2012-00202 Correspondence received and sent from the Minister from August 1 to September 19, 2012 Disclosed in part 80
A-2012-00206 Records from January 1, 2012 to July 1, 2012 concerning the privacy principles in the context of the Canada-US Beyond the Border Action Plan Disclosed in part 181
A-2012-00234 Records from January 19, 2010 to October 15, 2012 conerning cancelling access of inmates in federal institutions to non-Christian chaplains Disclosed in part 57
A-2012-00236 Records showing the total costs related to litigation with Government of Quebec that does not want Ottawa to destroy firearms data registry for the last four years Disclosed in part 111
A-2012-00262 Records from January 1, 2012 to October 19, 2012 concerning a research paper entitled 'A Report for the National Cyber Security Division of Public Safety Canada' Disclosed in part 168
A-2012-00268 List of classification system of files including numbers, titles and a brief description Disclosed in part 936
A-2012-00286 Emails, documents and reports from June 2012 to November 5, 2012 to Vic Toews with the subject line, title, or mention of the words cyber security, internet surveillance, CCIRC and Bill C-30. No records exist 0
A-2012-00304 List of cyber incidents which occurred in federal departments from 2006 to November 15, 2012 Disclosed in part 29
A-2012-00306 Minutes of meetings where subject of Firearms Marking Regulations were on the agenda from September 1, 2007 to December 2 , 2007 No records exist 0
A-2012-00311 Reports of security incidents or investigations done by Ministerial Security from January 1, 2006 to January 31, 2009 Disclosed in part 111
A-2012-00312 Records from August 1, 2012 to October 10, 2012 related to Dell Secure Works informing the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre that a Canadian resources company had its cyber systems breached by a hacker Disclosed in part 7
A-2012-00314 Emails prepared to respond to questions about articles related to the Ashley Smith case between November 6th, 2012, and November 15th, 2012 Disclosed in part 64
A-2012-00338 Documents 369697 Province wide interoperability coordinators list and 274176 Diagram interoperability within Public Safety Disclosed in part 9
A-2012-00339 Total cost of cellphone/ smartphone bills paid by the department for fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012 and the name of the providers All disclosed 189
A-2012-00353 Number of street gangs from foreign countries in Canada during the past 10 years, the name of street gangs, the number of members of the MS-13 gang living in Canada during the past 10 years No records exist 0
A-2012-00359 Records relating to a female 19-year old Canadian citizen who went to Somalia in 2010-2011 and who was seen to be a potential threat to that country's president or prime minister No records exist 0
A-2012-00360 Records sent to the Minister concerning the January death in Somalia of alleged an al-Shabab commander named Bilal al-Barjawi No records exist 0
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