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Research Summary - Offender Risk Assessment Practices Vary Across Canada What exactly does it mean when a correctional agency assesses an offender to be high risk? 2018-03-27
Final Program Evaluation – Towards No Drug Abuse Towards No Drug Abuse (TND) is an evidence-based program designed to help youth reduce their tobacco, alcohol or drug use, and violent behaviourFootnote 1. TND has been tested in seven experimental field trialsFootnote in the United States. 2016-06-24
Research Summary: Towards No Drug Abuse Towards No Drug Abuse (TND) is an evidence-based program designed to help youth reduce their tobacco, alcohol or drug use, and violent behaviour. 2016-06-24
From Small Demonstration Project to Large-scale Implementation What considerations are important when going from a demonstration project to large-scale implementation? 2013-09-01
Risk and Mentally Disordered Offenders Are the risk factors for mentally disordered offenders different than for non-disordered offenders? 2013-07-31
Screening Volunteers for the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse How can volunteer organizations identify applicants at risk for committing child sexual abuse? 2013-05-01
Attitudes supportive of sex offending predict recidivism Do attitudes supportive of sex offending predict recidivism among sexual offenders? 2013-03-01
Predicting recidivism with aboriginal offenders Do the Central Eight risk/need factors predict recidivism with Aboriginal offenders? 2013-01-01
"What Works" in Drug Treatment Courts How do the principles of effective correctional intervention apply in drug treatment courts? 2012-11-01
Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions in Community Supervision How well do community supervision officers target procriminal attitudes/cognitions in one-on-one sessions with their clients? 2012-09-01
Risk Assessment For Aboriginal Sex Offenders Do the same risk factors apply to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal sex offenders? 2012-07-01
Assessing the Risk of Gang Members Do gang members vary in their risk to commit crime? 2012-05-01
Combining Risk Assessment Tools How should we combine the results of different offender risk assessment tools? 2012-03-01
Effective Prison Management What steps can be taken to more effectively manage prisons? 2012-01-01
Strengths And Human Needs In Offender Rehabilitation What is the role played by strengths and basic human needs in the rehabilitation of offenders? 2011-09-01
Internet Sexual Offenders How often do men who commit sexual offences online also commit contact sexual offences? 2011-07-01
Assessing The Risk Of Domestic Violence Offenders How can we assess risk for reoffending among domestic violence offenders? 2011-05-01
Addressing the Needs of Offenders What offender needs should be addressed by treatment programs? 2011-03-01
Measuring Crime in Canada How are statistics regarding the criminal justice system in Canada gathered and reported? 2011-01-01
Giving Meaning to Risk Factors Why do risk factors predict recidivism? 2010-11-01
Ensuring the integrity of effective community supervision How can correctional agencies ensure the integrity of effective community supervision?   2010-09-01
The same risk factors predict most types of recidivism Do the same risk factors apply to all types of offenders? 2010-07-01
Training in evidence-based community supervision Can training improve the effectiveness of community supervision? 2010-05-01
The Effectiveness of Drug Treatment Courts Are drug treatment courts effective in reducing re-offending? 2010-03-01
Restorative justice's impact on participant health Is restorative justice good for participants' health? 2010-01-01
The development of aboriginal chronic offending Do Aboriginal offenders follow a similar path to chronic offending as Non-Aboriginal offenders? 2009-11-01
Assessing the risk of violent extremists How should evaluators assess the risk of individuals convicted of offences motivated by extreme political, religious or ideological views? 2009-09-01
What To Do With Low Risk Offenders? Do low risk offenders need treatment? 2009-07-01
Risk Communication for Offenders How should we report the recidivism risk of offenders? 2009-05-01
What Works For Sexual Offenders? Do the principles of effective intervention for general offenders also apply to treatments for sexual offenders? 2009-03-01
Improving Restorative Justice Practices Can psychologists contribute to improving the effectiveness of restorative justice practices? 2009-01-01
Community Supervision: Balancing Compliance With Treatment Community Supervision: Balancing Compliance With Treatment 2008-09-01
Is Denial Always A Problem For Sexual Offenders? What is the relationship between denial and recidivism among sexual offenders? 2008-07-01
On The Path To A Federal Penitentiary Can we identify the criminal pathway and the characteristics of Canadian youths who eventually receive a federal penitentiary sentence? 2008-05-01
Advances in offender risk assessment What progress is being made in the risk assessment of criminal offenders? 2008-03-01
The accuracy of risk prediction for intimate partner violence How well can risk assessments predict spousal assault recidivism? 2008-01-01
Principles of Effective Offender Rehabilitation What are the characteristics of effective offender treatment? 2007-11-01
Supervising sexual offenders in the community How can community supervision officers tell whether sexual offenders are at risk for reoffending? 2007-09-01
Reducing delinquency through family intervention Can family therapy reduce delinquent behaviour? 2007-07-01
Predicting violent recidivism How well can risk assessment instruments predict violent recidivism? 2007-05-01
Evaluating offender rehabilitation programs How can we tell whether interventions with offenders reduce recidivism? 2007-03-01
The accuracy of risk prediction for sexual offenders How should we assess the recidivism risk of sexual offenders? 2007-01-01
Restorative justice and offender treatment Can offender treatment services improve the effectiveness of restorative justice interventions? 2006-11-01
Risk factors for Aboriginal offenders Are risk factors for criminal behaviour similar for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal offenders? 2006-09-01
Screening for positions of trust with children How can child service organizations limit the risk of sexual abuse? 2006-07-01
Recidivism rates of female sexual offenders How often do female sexual offenders commit new crimes? 2006-05-01
Offender assessment and case management How can we improve the link between offender assessment and case management? 2006-03-01
Sexually abusive juveniles Are sexually abusive juveniles different from adult sex offenders? 2006-01-01
Identifying and tracking high-risk offenders Is the National Flagging System (NFS) facilitating the early identification and the proper management of those offenders believed to be at a high risk to reoffend violently and/or sexually? 2005-11-01
Presentence Reports How are Presentence Reports (PSR) used by the courts in sentencing? 2005-09-01
Restorative justice in cases of serious crime Can a restorative justice approach be applied in cases of serious crime? 2005-07-01
Progress in violence risk assessment What have we learned about evaluating the risk of future violence? 2005-05-01
Effective correctional treatment How much treatment is required to reduce reoffending? 2005-03-01
Accreditation standards for correctional programs How can you tell whether a correctional program is likely to reduce reoffending? 2005-01-01
Public confidence in the criminal justice system What is the level of confidence that Canadians have in the criminal justice system? 2004-11-01
Specialized risk assessment for violence Do offender risk scales especially designed to predict violent re-offending perform better than scales for predicting general re-offending? 2004-09-01
Sex offender recidivism How often do sexual offenders re-offend sexually? 2004-07-01
Sexual abuse in the Catholic church Are priests who abuse children different from other child molesters? 2004-05-01
Predicting re-offending among sexual offenders Which sexual offenders are most likely to re-offend? 2004-03-01
The supervision of offenders in the community How are offenders supervised while they are in the community? 2004-03-01
Cost-benefit analysis of a community healing process Are Aboriginal community healing processes cost-effective alternatives to the traditional criminal justice process? 2003-11-01
Sexual offender empathy deficits Do sexual offenders lack empathy for their victims? 2003-09-01
The recidivism of federal offenders After release from federal penitentiaries, how many offenders re-offend? 2003-07-01
Psychological deviance among child molesters Does psychological deviance predict the recidivism of child molesters? 2003-05-01
The content of sexual offender risk scales How can we improve risk scales for sexual offenders? 2003-03-01
Restorative justice and recidivism Can restorative justice programs influence offender recidivism? 2003-01-01
Guidelines for offender risk assessment How does the research literature offer to guide the selection and use of offender risk assessment instruments? 2002-11-01
Restorative justice: promising beginnings What do we know about the impact of restorative justice programs in Canada? 2002-09-01
The effectiveness of treatment for sexual offenders Does treatment keep sexual offenders from reoffending? 2002-07-01
The effects of punishment on recidivism Does punishment of offenders reduce their re-offending? 2002-05-01
Offender risk assessments: Approaches to their development How do researchers approach the development of offender risk scales? 2002-03-01
Translating research into practice: Offender Risk Assessment What is involved when correctional systems implement offender risk scales that are developed by researchers? 2002-01-01
Public fear of crime and perceptions of the criminal justice system: A review of recent trends How does fear of crime relate to attitudes toward the criminal justice system? 2001-11-01
Improving the community supervision of sexual offenders How can doing research improve community supervision practices? 2001-07-01
Age and sexual recidivism Does the risk of sexual offending decrease with age? 2001-05-01
A statistical overview of federal corrections and conditional releases What is the statistical picture of federal corrections and conditional release in Canada? 2001-03-01
Policy relevant correctional research How does correctional research influence public policy? 2001-01-01
Predicting Recidivism Among Abusive Men What factors are associated with continued violence among men who have abused their intimate partners? 2000-11-01
Treating the higher risk offender Can treatment be effective with higher risk offenders? 2000-09-01
Treatment for abusive men What type of treatment works best with abusive men? 2000-07-01
Adolescent female aggression Is the aggression of adolescent girls different from the aggression of adolescent boys? 2000-05-01
Pardoned sex offenders in Canada: What do we know? How many sex offenders have been pardoned under the Criminal Records Act and how many reoffend sexually? 2000-03-01
Measuring the change in risk posed by sex offenders How can we evaluate changes in risk levels for sex offenders? 2000-01-01
The effect of prison on criminal behavior Does increasing the length of time in prison reduce the criminal behaviour of offenders? 1999-11-01
Brief risk scales for the prediction of sex offence recidivism How well can brief, structured risk scales predict sex offence recidivism? 1999-11-01
Corrections research in Canada: Taking stock What have been the most significant developments in corrections research in Canada during the past twenty years? 1999-07-01
The electronic monitoring of offenders Does electronic monitoring reduce the criminal behaviour of offenders? 1999-05-01
Approaches to offender risk assessment: static vs dynamic Does it matter how we make assessments of offender risk? 1999-03-01
Measuring the extent of crime Is crime on the increase? 1999-01-01
Restorative justice: An alternative to traditional criminal justice Can restorative justice offer a practical alternative to traditional criminal justice processing? 1998-11-01
Characteristics of abusive men What sort of man assaults his partner? 1998-09-01
Triggers of sexual offence recidivism When are sexual offenders are at risk to re-offend? 1998-07-01
Mentally disordered offenders How dangerous are mentally disordered offenders? 1998-05-01
Assessing the risk of re-offending among Aboriginal offenders Do risk factors for recidivism differ between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal offenders? 1998-03-01
Adult offender diversion programs What do we know about the effectiveness of adult offender diversion programs? 1998-01-01
Female offender recidivism What are the risk factors associated with female offenders' continuation in crime? 1997-11-01
Social networks of sexual offenders Do sexual offenders know other sexual offenders? 1997-09-01
An alternative model for treating abusive men Are there non-traditional ways of treating male batterers? 1997-07-01
Offender rehabilitation Is offender treatment effective in reducing recidivism and criminal victimization? 1997-05-01
Predicting adult offender recidivism What are the best predictors of offender recidivism and, secondly, what type of actuarial measures are best suited for this purpose? 1997-03-01
Predictors of sex offence recidivism How can we tell which sexual offenders are at high risk to re-offend? 1997-01-01
Explaining aboriginal corrections What is the state of knowledge in aboriginal corrections and what are the most critical policy and program issues? 1996-11-01
Dangerous offenders in Canada Are the Dangerous Offender provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada actually targeting high risk violent offenders? 1996-09-01
Child molester recidivism How does the recidivism of child molesters differ from that of nonsexual criminals? 1996-07-01
Prediction of recidivism Is the Statistical Information on Recidivism (SIR) scale still a valid measure of offender risk? 1996-05-01
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