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Title Resource Year Location
Core capabilities : body-worn cameras in Portugal / Sónia M. A. Morgado, Ricardo Alves. e-Books 2019 CPRC
A review of the Baltimore police department's use of persistent surveillance : Baltimore community support program. e-Books 2017 CPRC
Harnessing power : exploring citizen's use of networked technologies to promote police accountability / David Schwartz. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Commissioner's directive. 568-8, Authority for and use of surveillance equipment [electronic resource]. Commissioner’s Directives 2013 PS
Effective surveillance for homeland security [electronic resource] : balancing technology and social issues / edited by Francesco Flammini, Roberto Setola, Giorgio Franceschetti. e-Books 2013 PS
Surveillance, then and now : securing privacy in public spaces / Ann Cavoukian. e-Books 2013 CPRC
Eyes everywhere : the global growth of camera surveillance / edited by Aaron Doyle, Randy Lippert and David Lyon. Books & Reports 2012 PS
Policy bulletin. 353 [electronic resource] = Bulletin politique. 353. Commissioner’s Directives 2012 PS
Panoptic dreams : streetscape video surveillance in Canada / Sean P. Hier. Books & Reports 2010 PS
Commissioner's directive. 568-8, Authority for and use of video surveillance in support of investigations = Directive du commissaire. 568-8, Autorisation et utilisation de la vidéosurveillance à l'appui des enquêtes. Commissioner’s Directives 2009 PS
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