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Examen des outils d’évaluation du risque élaborés pour les personnes radicalisées et de leur application en milieu correctionnel / Cassandra Conley. e-Archives 2019 PS
An Examination of Risk Assessment Tools Developed for Radicalized Individuals and their Application in a Correctional Context / Cassandra Conley. e-Archives 2019 PS
2018 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Atacks Aainst the United States : A Speculative Novel / Jeffrey Lewis. e-Books 2018 PS
Detained : Islamic Fundamentalist Extremism and the War on Terror in Canada / Daniel Livermore. e-Books 2018 PS
Federal Terrorism Response Plan : Domestic Concept of Operations. e-Archives 2018 PS
The Future of ISIS : Regional and International Implications / Edited by Sumit Ganguly and Feisal Al-Istrabadi. Books & Reports 2018 PS
Mobilization to Violence (Terrorism) Research : key findings. e-Archives 2018 PS
Organised crime research in Australia 2018 / 2018. e-Books 2018 CPRC
Regulatory Counter-Terrorism : A Critical Appraisal of Proactive Global Governance / Nathanael Tilahun Ali. e-Books 2018 PS
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