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Conducted energy devices : policies on use evolve to reflect research and field deployment experience / by Paul A. Haskins. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Physiological attributes of arrest-related sudden deaths proximate to the application of TASER electronic control devices : an evidence based study of the theory of high-risk groups / by Howard E. Williams. e-Books 2013 CPRC
Exploring the impact of department policy on TASER-proximate arrest related deaths / by Courtney Riggs. e-Books 2012 CPRC
2011 electronic control weapons guidelines. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Police use of force, Tasers and other less-lethal weapons / Geoffrey P. Alpert, Michael R. Smith, Robert J. Kaminski, Lorie A. Fridell, John MacDonald, and Bruce Kubu. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Comparing safety outcomes in police use-of-force cases for law enforcement agencies that have deployed conducted energy devices and a matched comparison group that have not : a quasi-experimental evaluation / report submitted to the National Institute of Justice ; [by] Bruce Taylor, Daniel Woods, Bruce Kubu, Chris Koper, Bill Tegeler, Jason Cheney, James Cronin, Kristin Kappelman ; edited by Craig Fischer. e-Books 2009 CPRC
Less lethal [electronic resource] : law enforcement's use of the taser in demanding suspect compliance. e-Books 2008 CPRC
Taser electronic control devices and sudden in-custody death : separating evidence from conjecture / by Howard E. Williams. Books & Reports 2007 PS
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