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Title Resource Year Location
A Comprehensive Study of Recidivism Rates among Canadian Federal Offenders / Lynn A. Stewart. Goeff Wilton, Sebastian Baglole & Ryan Miller. e-Archives 2019 PS
The additive effects of participation in multiple correctional interventions and services for federally sentenced men / Geoff Wilton, Amanda Nolan & Lynn Stewart. e-Archives 2015 PS
Factors related to community supervision outcomes : revocations / Jennie Thompson, Trina K. Forrester & Lynn A. Stewart. e-Archives 2015 PS
The impact of the Community Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) / Shanna Farrell MacDonald, Lynn A. Stewart & Stacey Feeley. e-Archives 2014 PS
Prediction of Re-Offence Using the SIR-R1 and a Proxy / Prepared by Geoffrey Barnum & Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2012 PS
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy within a Women’s Structured Living Environment / Prepared by Kelly Taylor. e-Archives 2011 PS
Offender Perceptions On The Value Of Employment / Prepared by Terri-Lynne Scott. e-Archives 2011 PS
Altering antisocial attitudes in federal male offenders on release [electronic resource] : the final report of the Counter-Point program / Daryl G. Kroner, Andrew J.R. Harris & Annie K. Yessine. e-Archives 2009 PS
On the path to a federal penitentiary. e-Archives 2008 PS
Staying out : women's perceptions of challenges and protective factors in community reintegration / Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2008 PS
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