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The Use of Technology in the Delivery of Correctional Intervention Programs : A Rapid Review / Kaitlyn Wardrop & Chelsea Sheahan. e-Archives 2019 PS
Federally-Sentenced Sexual Offenders : Population Trends, Current Profile, and Release Outcomes. e-Archives 2016 PS
The Additive Effects of Participation in Multiple Correctional Interventions and Services for Federally Sentenced Women. e-Archives 2015 PS
Criminal Organizations : An Examination of Gang Management Practices inside Canadian Institutions. e-Archives 2015 PS
Factors Related to Community Supervision Outcomes : Revocations. e-Archives 2015 PS
Temporary Absences and Work Releases: Characteristics and Patterns of Use. e-Archives 2015 PS
Assessment of the Women’s Violence Prevention Program. e-Archives 2014 PS
Characteristics of Women Participants in the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP) / Prepared by Mary-Ann MacSwain, Madelon Cheverie, Shanna Farrell MacDonald & Sara Johnson. e-Archives 2014 PS
Characteristics, Institutional Adjustment, and Post-Release Success of Drug and Alcohol Users. e-Archives 2014 PS
Does the Type of Community Employment Obtained by Offenders on Release Correspond with their Institutional Vocational Certification? e-Archives 2014 PS
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