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2016-2017 Evaluation of the Regional Resilience Assessment Program and the Virtual Risk Analysis Cell : Final Report / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2018 PS
Detained : Islamic Fundamentalist Extremism and the War on Terror in Canada / Daniel Livermore. e-Books 2018 PS
Securing Mega-Events : Networks, Strategies and Tensions / Chad Whelan, Adam Molnar. e-Books 2018 PS
Beyond Snowden : Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA / Timothy H. Edgar. e-Books 2017 PS
Extremism, Radicalization and Security : An Identity Theory Approach / Julian Richards. e-Books 2017 PS
Protecting Canadians and their Rights : A New Road Map for Canada's National Security / Robert Oliphant, Chair. e-Archives 2017 PS
Social networks as the new frontier of terrorism : #terror / Laura Scaife. e-Books 2017 PS
2014-15 Report On The Beyond The Border Action Plan Horizontal Initiative. e-Archives 2016 PS
2014-2015 Horizontal Evaluation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Division 9/National Security Inadmissibility Initiative ; Final Report / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2016 PS
A discussion of the economics of preclearance with proposed measurement methodologies / by Jean-François Arsenault, John C. Taylor, Marc-André Roy, Jean-François Pelletier. e-Archives 2016 PS
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