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Intercultural dispute resolution in aboriginal contexts / edited by Catherine Bell and David Kahane. Books & Reports 2004 PS
Introduction to the study of law / Stephen Waddams. Books & Reports 2004 PS
The power to criminalize : violence, inequality and the law / Elizabeth Comack and Gillian Balfour. Books & Reports 2004 PS
Principles of administrative law / by David Phillip Jones and Anne S. de Villars. Books & Reports 2004 PS
Protection orders, partner abuse and police liability : a socialist feminist analysis / by Charlene L. Davidson. e-Books 2004 CPRC
Regulatory law and practice in Canada / J. Paul Salembier. Books & Reports 2004 PS
Smart regulation : a regulatory strategy for Canada : report to the Government of Canada : executive summary = La réglementation intelligente : une stratégie réglementaire pour le Canada : rapport au gouvernement du Canada : sommaire / External Advisory Committee on Smart Regulation = Comité consultatif externe sur la réglementation intelligente. Books & Reports 2004 PS
Voices for dignity : a call to end the harms caused by Canada's sex trade laws / authors Shari Allinott [and sixteen others]. e-Books 2004 CPRC
Administrative law and process / edited by David W. Elliott. Books & Reports 2003 PS
Canada’s Program on Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes : annual report. Periodicals 2003 CPRC
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