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A survey of dangerous sexual offenders in Canada : 1948-1977 / J. S. Wormith & Monika Ruhl. e-Archives 1986 PS
The administration of criminal justice in Canada : discussion paper / seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders ; Jocelyne Marquis = L'administration de la justice pénale au Canada : document de travail / septième Congrès des Nations Unies pour la prévention du crime et le traitement des délinquants ; Jocelyne Marquis. e-Archives 1985 PS-CPRC
Assessing the impact of mediation / John H. Benoit ... [et al.]. e-Archives 1985 PS
Consolidated summary of responses to the first consultation paper. Books & Reports 1985 PS
Perspectives in criminal law : essays in honour of John Ll.J. Edwards / edited by Anthony N. Doob and Edward L. Greenspan. Books & Reports 1985 PS
Provincial consultation paper, July 1985 / Correctional Law Review, Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada. e-Archives 1985 PS
Awareness and use of crime compensation programs / by Statistics Division. e-Archives 1984 PS
Awareness and use of crime compensation programs / Ministry of the Solicitor General, Research and Statistics Group. e-Archives 1984 PS
Criminal justice and the Constitution / M.L. Friedland. e-Archives 1984 PS
Homicide. e-Books 1984 PS
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