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Legal education for managers on the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and its global context : instructor's manual and reference guide. e-Archives 1996 PS
Canadian criminology : perspectives on crime and criminality / Margaret A. Jackson and Curt T. Griffiths. Books & Reports 1995 PS
Fatal mistakes : the disturbing events that led to the murder of Nina de Villiers and a nationwide campaign against violence / by Kevin Marron. Books & Reports 1993 PS
Feminist engagement with the law : the legal recognition of the Battered Woman Syndrome / Elizabeth Comack. Books & Reports 1993 PS
Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada response to the Stephenson Inquest recommendations = Réponse du ministère du Solliciteur général du Canada aux recommandations de l'enquête Stephenson. e-Archives 1993 PS
The police and evidence law : investigating family violence against victims with disabilities / Adelyn L. Bowland. e-Archives 1993 PS
Report to the Standing Committee on Justice and Solicitor General on the comprehensive review of sentence calculation provisions contained in the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. e-Archives 1993 PS
Words & phrases : judicially defined in Canadian Courts and Tribunals = termes et locutions définis par les tribunaux canadiens. Books & Reports 1993 PS
Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Bill C-36) : training modules. e-Archives 1992 PS
Re-thinking the administration of justice / edited by Dawn H. Currie and Brian D. MacLean. Books & Reports 1992 PS
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