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Title Resource Year Location
By Law or In Justice : The Indian Specific Claims Commission and the Struggle for Indigenous Justice / Jane Dickson. Books & Reports 2018 PS
Indigenous Nationals, Canadian Citizens : From First Contact to Canada 150 and Beyond / Thomas J. Courchene. Books & Reports 2018 PS
Truth and Conviction : Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi'kmaw Quest for Justice / L. Jane McMillan. Books & Reports 2018 PS
Collaborative risk-driven intervention : a study of Samson Cree Nation’s application of the hub model / by Chad Nilson. e-Archives 2016 PS-CPRC
Illustrative case studies of First Nations Policing Program models / by John Kiedrowski, Michael Petrunik and Rick Ruddell. e-Archives 2016 PS-CPRC
A renewed approach to policing in indigenous communities : engagement summary report : what we heard. e-Archives 2016 PS-CPRC
Negotiating colonial encounters : (Un)Mapping the Policing of Indigenous Peoples' Protests in Canada / by Democratia Dafnos. e-Books 2014 PS-CPRC
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