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Effects of cell phone cameras on police working behavior / by Michael J. Derek Mallett. e-Books 2019 CPRC
The brain and emotional intelligence [electronic resource] : new insights / by Daniel Goleman. e-Books 2011 PS
Emotionally smart makes you more motivated : associations between emotional intelligence, motivation, and work outcomes in police source handlers / Karene Saad. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Emotional intelligence coaching [electronic resource] : improving performance for leaders, coaches and the individual / Stephen Neal, Lisa Spencer-Arnell, and Liz Wilson. e-Books 2009 PS
Are you your own worst enemy? [electronic resource] : the nine inner strengths you need to overcome self-defeating tendencies at work / Charles E. Watson and Thomas A. Idinopulos. e-Books 2007 PS
Coaching for emotional intelligence [electronic resource] : the secret to developing the star potential in your employees / Bob Wall. e-Books 2007 PS
Make your workplace great [electronic resource] : the 7 keys to an emotionally intelligent organization / Steven J. Stein. e-Books 2007 PS
Quick emotional intelligence activities for busy managers [electronic resource] : 50 team exercises that get results in just 15 minutes / Adele B. Lynn. e-Books 2007 PS
Emotional intelligence / Daniel Goleman. Books & Reports 2006 PS
The EQ difference [electronic resource] : a powerful plan for putting emotional intelligence to work / Adele B. Lynn. e-Books 2005 PS
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