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Title Resource Year Location
The practical coach 2 [videorecording (DVD)] / [produced by] Media Partners Corp. DVDs 2014 PS
Achieving SMART goals [videorecording (DVD)] Books & Reports 2013 PS
Conning Canada. DVDs 2013 PS
Manhunt : Boston bombers : technology's role in catching the marathon bombing suspects. DVDs 2013 PS
Mind of a rampage killer. DVDs 2013 PS
NCR [videorecording (DVD)] : not criminally responsible / a film by John Kastner = NCR : non criminellement responsable / un film de John Kastner. DVDs 2013 PS
Responding thoughtfully [videorecording (DVD)] Books & Reports 2013 PS
Twisted travellers. DVDs 2013 PS
Creating an inclusive workforce [videorecording (DVD)] : employment equity & diversity at the Correctional Service of Canada = Créer un milieu de travail inclusif : équité en matière d'emploi et diversité au Service correctionnel du Canada. DVDs 2012 PS
Drugs of abuse [videorecording (DVD)] : treatment and recovery. DVDs 2012 PS
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