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Title Resource Year Location
Enhancing Canada's Critical Infrastructure Resilience to Insider Risk. e-Archives 2019 PS
Royal Canadian Mounted Police cybercrime strategy. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Future trends in policing. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Policing cybercrime : evidence review / David Wall, Corinne May-Chahal, Yulia Chistyakova. e-Books 2014 CPRC
The role of local law enforcement agencies in preventing and investigating cybercrime. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Measuring the extent of cyber-fraud in Canada : a discussion paper on potential methods and data sources / Sara M. Smyth and Rebecca Carleton. e-Archives 2011 PS-CPRC
Messaging forensic framework for cybercrime investigation / Farkhund Iqbal. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Mining chat logs to extract information about authors and topics for crime investigation / Abdur Rahman M. A. Basher. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Canada's cyber security strategy [electronic resource] : for a stronger and more prosperous Canada. e-Archives 2010 PS-CPRC
Cybercrime : world wide war 3.0. DVDs 2008 PS
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