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Title Resource Year Location
An examination of the validity of accountability, motivation and engagement assessment / Krista Mathias & J. Stephen Wormith. e-Archives 2017 PS
Low risk offenders : what does the research tell us? / Amanda Nolan & Lynn Stewart. e-Archives 2017 PS
A Meta-analysis of the Effectiveness of Culturally-relevant Treatment for Indigenous Offenders / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2017 PS
Reasons for parole waivers, postponements, and withdrawals : examining indicators for low-risk offenders / Shanna Farrell MacDonald. e-Archives 2017 PS
Commissioner's directive. 002, Designation of release sites other than penitentiaries. Commissioner’s Directives 2016 PS
What Constitutes a Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention with Offenders? / Public Safety Canada. e-Books 2016 PS
Factors related to community supervision outcomes : revocations / Jennie Thompson, Trina K. Forrester & Lynn A. Stewart. e-Archives 2015 PS
Low-risk offenders and waivers, postponements, and withdrawals of parole reviews / Leslie-Anne Keown, Shanna Farrell MacDonald & Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2015 PS
Patterns of suspension warrants / Shanna Farrell MacDonald, Jamie Curno, Stephanie M. Biro & Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2015 PS
Assessment of the transfer of community employment services (CES) from CORCAN to Community Corrections / Amanda Nolan, Jennelle Power, Mandie Woods, & Collette Cousineau. e-Archives 2014 PS
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