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Title Resource Year Location
A Quantitative Examination of Factors Available in the Offender Management System Associated with Successful Release / Kaitlyn Wardrop, Chelsea Sheahan & Lynn A. Stewart. e-Archives 2019 PS
Child victims of federally sentenced offenders : a profile of victims and perpetrators / Terri Scott, Rebecca Grace, Bronwen Perley-Robertson & Lauren E. McKercher. e-Archives 2017 PS
Prescription practices for psychotropic medications in the community and in prison populations : review of current literature / Gregory P. Brown. e-Archives 2017 PS
Federally-sentenced sex offenders : population trends, current profile, and release outcomes / Lynn A. Stewart, Amanda Nolan & Sara Rubenfeld. e-Archives 2016 PS
Ethnocultural offenders : an initial investigation of social history variables at intake / Leslie Anne Keown, Renée Gobeil, Stephanie M. Biro & Mary B. Ritchie. e-Archives 2015 PS
Releases of men offenders classified as medium and maximum security / Renée Gobeil, Colette Cousineau, Jenelle Power, and Lynn Stewart. e-Archives 2015 PS
The impact of the Community Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) / Shanna Farrell MacDonald, Lynn A. Stewart & Stacey Feeley. e-Archives 2014 PS
Prison careers of federal offenders with criminal organization offences : a follow-up / Laurence L. Motiuk & Ben Vuong. e-Archives 2006 PS
Family violence programming : treatment outcome for Canadian federally sentenced offenders / Lynn Stewart ... [et al.]. e-Archives 2005 PS
Federal offenders with criminal organization offences : a profile / by Laurence L. Motiuk & Ben Vuong. e-Archives 2005 PS
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