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Title Resource Year Location
Iced : the story of organized crime in Canada / Stephen Schneider. Books & Reports 2009 PS
Crime and punishment in Canada : a history / D. Owen Carrigan. Books & Reports 1991 PS
Lawful authority : readings on the history of criminal justice in Canada / edited by R.C. Macleod. Books & Reports 1988 PS
The saga of Red Ryan and other tales of violence from Canada's past / Martin Robin. Books & Reports 1982 PS
The federal penitentiary system in Canada, 1867-1899 : a social and institutional history / W.A. Calder. Books & Reports 1979 PS
A summary of analysis of some major inquiries on corrections, 1938 to 1977 = Résumé et analyse de quelques grandes enquêtes sur le processus correctionnel -- de 1938 à 1977. e-Archives 1977 PS
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