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Title Resource Year Location
The economic and social costs of domestic abuse / Rhys Oliver, Barnaby Alexander, Stephen Roe and Miriam Wlasny. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Costs of crime and criminal justice responses / by Thomas Gabor. e-Archives 2016 PS-CPRC
The cost of crime in Canada / by Stephen Easton, Hilary Furness, & Paul Brantingham. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Crime and the economy [electronic resource] / Richard Rosenfeld, Steven F. Messner. e-Books 2013 PS
Lessons from the economics of crime : what reduces offending? / edited by Philip J. Cook, Stephen Machin, Olivier Marie, and Giovanni Mastrobuoni. e-Books 2013 PS
An Organized Crime Severity Index [electronic resource] : discussion of a proposed methodology / by Michael Saunders and Austin Lawrence ; prepared for Research and National Coordination, Organized Crime Division, Law Enforcement and Policing Branch, Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2013 PS-CPRC
Crime and economics : an introduction / Kevin Albertson, Chris Fox. Books & Reports 2012 PS
The economic Impact of firearm-related crime in Canada, 2008 / prepared by Ting Zhang, Yao Qin. e-Books 2012 CPRC
Costs of crime in Canada, 2008 [electronic resource] / Ting Zhang. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Criminals and victims [electronic resource] / W. David Allen. e-Books 2011 PS
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