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Identifying the Community High Risk Population for Allocation of the Program Integrity Funding / Lynn A. Stewart, Youssef Hachouch & Geoff Wilton. e-Archives 2019 PS
The Impact of Electronic Monitoring on Offender Supervision and Correctional Outcomes / Laura Hanby, Thana Ridha, Rebecca Sullivan, Angela Smeth & Shanna Farrell MacDonald. e-Archives 2019 PS
The Needs of Women Offenders under Community Supervision. e-Archives 2015 PS
Patterns of suspension warrants / Shanna Farrell MacDonald, Jamie Curno, Stephanie M. Biro & Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2015 PS
Community Services for Women under Supervision. e-Archives 2014 PS
A Profile of Women under Community Supervision / Prepared by Ashley McConnell, Sara Rubenfeld, Jennie Thompson, & Renée Gobeil. e-Archives 2014 PS
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