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Title Resource Year Location
Joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to sexual abuse in the family in Shropshire / Karen Bradshaw ...[et al.]. e-Books 2019 CPRC
Code of practice for the investigation of sexual crime. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Reducing the impact of serious organized crime in local communities : organized crime and child sexual exploitation in local communities (briefing 3) / Michael Skidmore, Sarah Garner, Ruth Crocker, Sarah Webb, John Graham and Martin Gill. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Reporting childhood sexual abuse of boys to police : does perpetrator sex matter? / Alexandra M. Fehr. e-Books 2016 CPRC
2013-2014 evaluation of the National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet : final report. e-Archives 2015 PS-CPRC
Origins of lateral violence in Aboriginal communities : a preliminary study of student-to-student abuse in residential schools / report for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation ; by Amy Bombay, with Kim Matheson and Hymie Anisman. e-Books 2014 PS
Police-reported sexual offences against children and youth in Canada, 2012 / by Adam Cotter and Pascale Beaupré. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Critical perspectives on child sexual exploitation and related trafficking / edited by Margaret Melrose, University of Bedfordshire, UK and Jenny Pearce, University of Bedfordshire, UK. e-Books 2013 PS
Organised sexual abuse [electronic resource] / Michael Salter. e-Books 2013 PS
Screening volunteers for the risk of child sexual abuse. e-Archives 2013 PS
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