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Title Resource Year Location
2014-15 Report On The Beyond The Border Action Plan Horizontal Initiative. e-Archives 2016 PS
2014-2015 Horizontal Evaluation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Division 9/National Security Inadmissibility Initiative ; Final Report / Public Safety Canada. e-Archives 2016 PS
A discussion of the economics of preclearance with proposed measurement methodologies / by Jean-François Arsenault, John C. Taylor, Marc-André Roy, Jean-François Pelletier. e-Archives 2016 PS
2013-2014 report on the Beyond the Border Action Plan Horizontal Initiative. e-Archives 2015 PS-CPRC
False security : the radicalization of Canadian anti-terrorism / Craig Forcese and Kent Roach. Books & Reports 2015 PS
Role of critical infrastructure in national prosperity : shared narrative / Critical 5. e-Archives 2015 PS
2014-2017 action plan for critical infrastructure. e-Archives 2014 PS
Forging a common understanding for critical infrastructure : shared narrative / Critical 5. e-Archives 2014 PS
Report on the beyond the border action plan : horizontal initiative for 2011-12 and 2012-13. e-Archives 2013 PS-CPRC
The freedom of security : governing Canada in the age of counter-terrorism / Colleen Bell. Books & Reports 2011 PS
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