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Application of Technological Advances in the Assessment and Treatment of Addiction in Corrections : A Systematic Review / M. Amlung, L. Vedelago, V. Morris, T. Petker, I. Balodis, K. McLachlan, M. Mamak, H. Moulden, G. Chaimowitz, J. MacKillop. e-Archives 2018 PS
Comparing the Mental Health Treatment and Abuse Histories of Men and Women Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP) Participants / Prepared by Mary-Ann MacSwain & Madelon Cheverie. e-Archives 2012 PS
Drugs, women and justice [electronic resource] : roles of the criminal justice system for drug-affected women / James A. Swartz, Patricia O'Brien, Arthur J. Lurigio, editors. e-Books 2012 PS
Promising practices in policing substance users : a handbook of integrated models and practices = Pratiques prometteuses en matière d'encadrement des consommateurs de drogue : un manuel de modèles et pratiques intégrés. e-Archives 2012 PS-CPRC
Drug interventions in criminal justice [electronic resource] / edited by Anthea Hucklesby and Emma Wincup. e-Books 2010 PS
Provider's handbook for assessing criminal conduct and substance abuse clients : progress and change evaluation (PACE) monitor / Kenneth W. Wanberg, Harvey B. Milkman. Books & Reports 2010 PS
Women on probation and parole : a feminist critique of community programs & services / Merry Morash. Books & Reports 2010 PS
Best practices : early intervention, outreach and community linkages for youth with substance use problems. e-Books 2008 CPRC
Criminal conduct & substance abuse treatment for women in correctional settings : female-focused strategies for self-improvement and change : pathways to responsible living : adjunct provider's guide / Harvey B. Milkman, Kenneth W. Wanberg, Barbara A. Gagliardi. Books & Reports 2008 PS
The Narcotic Farm / by Nancy D. Campbell, JP Olsen, Luke Walden. Books & Reports 2008 PS
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