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Title Resource Year Location
Crisis communication in Canada / by Duncan Koerber, PhD. e-Books 2017 PS
Victimology : a Canadian perspective / Jo-Anne Wemmers. e-Books 2017 PS
Implementing and working with the Youth Criminal Justice Act across Canada / edited by Marc Alain, Raymond R. Corrado, and Susan Reid. e-Books 2016 PS
On being here to stay : treaties and Aboriginal rights in Canada / Michael Asch. e-Books 2014 PS
Arming and disarming [electronic resource] : a history of gun control in Canada / R. Blake Brown. e-Books 2012 PS
Secret service : political policing in Canada : from the Fenians to fortress America / Reg Whitaker, Gregory S. Kealey, and Andrew Parnaby. Books & Reports 2012 PS
Dependent America? : how Canada and Mexico construct US power / Stephen Clarkson and Matto Mildenberger. Books & Reports 2011 PS
Thinking government : public administration and politics in Canada / David Johnson. Books & Reports 2011 PS
Tranquil prisons : chemical incarceration under community treatment orders / Erick Fabris. Books & Reports 2011 PS
Violence against women : myths, facts, controversies / Walter S. DeKeseredy. Books & Reports 2011 PS
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