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Buying sex [videorecording (DVD)] = Sexe à vendre / National Film Board of Canada = Office national du film du Canada. DVDs 2013 PS
NCR [videorecording (DVD)] : not criminally responsible / a film by John Kastner = NCR : non criminellement responsable / un film de John Kastner. DVDs 2013 PS
We were children [videorecording (DVD)] / produced by Eagle Vision and Entertainment One Television in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada = Nous n'étions que des enfants-- [enregistrement vidéo (DVD)] / produit par Eagle Vision et Entertainment One Television en coproduction avec l'Office national du film du Canada. DVDs 2012 PS
Life with murder [videorecording (DVD)] = Meurtre au sein de la famille / directed by John Kastner. DVDs 2011 PS
The Arctic circle [videorecording (DVD) = enregistrement vidéo (DVD)] = Le cercle arctique / directed by Takashi Shibasaki, Atsushi Nishida, Wally Longul ; NHK and NFB. DVDs 2010 PS
Avenue Zéro [enregistrement vidéo] / produit par Productions Virage ; un film de Hélène Choquette ; producteur, Marcel Simard ; réalisation, Hélène Choquette = Avenue Zero / produced by Virage Productions ; a film by Hélène Choquette producer, Marcel Simard ; director, Hélène Choquette. DVDs 2010 PS
Club Native [videorecording (DVD)] : how thick is your blood? = êtes-vous de sang pur? / produced by Rezolution Pictures Inc. in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada ; [réalisé par] Rezolution Pictures Inc. [en collaboration avec] l'Office national du Film du Canada. DVDs 2008 PS
Confessions of an innocent man [videorecording(DVD)] / Paperny Films in Co-Production with the National Film Board of Canada and Produced in Association with CTV Television presents ; Directed by David Paperny ; Produced by Terence McKeown, David Paperny ; Executive Producers Cal Shumiatcher, Trevor Hodgson, Catherine Tait. DVDs 2008 PS
Poundmaker's Lodge [videorecording (DVD)] : a healing place / [directed, written and] produced by Alanis Obomsawin. DVDs 2008 PS
Twice condemned [videorecording DVD)] / directed by Marie Cadieux ; written by Marie Cadieux ; produced by Mikale-Andrée Joly [and] Jacques Vallée. DVDs 2008 PS
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