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Force 2.0 : fixing the governance, leadership and structure of the RCMP / Christian Leuprecht. e-Books 2017 PS
Canada's justice deficit : the case for a justice system report card / by Benjamin Perrin, Richard Audas and Sarah Péloquin-Ladany. e-Books 2016 CPRC
From a mandate for change to a plan to govern : defending freedoms by effectively countering terrorism / Christian Leuprecht and Sean Speer. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Report card on the criminal justice system : evaluating Canada's justice deficit / by Benjamin Perrin and Richard Audas. e-Books 2016 CPRC
Islamist terrorism on the march : the Paris attacks and the implications for Canada / Alex Wilner. e-Books 2015 CPRC
Punishing the most heinous crimes : analysis and recommendations related to Bill C-53 (Life Means Life Act) / Benjamin Perrin. e-Books 2015 CPRC
The blue line or the bottom line of police services in Canada? : arresting runaway growth in costs / Christian Leuprecht. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Border integrity, illicit tobacco, and Canada's security / Jean Daudelin with Stephanie Soiffer and Jeff Willows. e-Books 2013 CPRC
Organized crime beyond the border / Todd Hataley, Christian Leuprecht. e-Books 2013 CPRC
Police-reported crime statistics in Canada : still more questions than answers / Scott Newark. e-Books 2013 CPRC
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