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Law enforcement attitudes of current public and departmental surveillance technologies : a qualitative case study of the Toronto police service / by Stacie Leigh Cox. e-Books 2017 CPRC
Deceptive deeds done with UAVs : a democratic deficit in Canada / by Mark J. Mansour. e-Books 2015 CPRC
The new political economy of policing : an exploration of the militarization of policing in the United States / by Colby Aaron Pereira. e-Books 2015 PS-CPRC
A comparison of higher education and previous work experience on military police academy performance / by Adam Battista. e-Books 2014 CPRC
A survey of police eyewitness identification procedures / Michelle I. Bertrand. e-Books 2014 CPRC
The exclusionary rule in Canada : trends and future directions / by Ariane Asselin. e-Books 2013 CPRC
Federal female incarceration in Canada : what happened to empowerment? / by Jacqueline Ferrari. e-Books 2011 PS
In the Mounties we trust : a study of Royal Canadian Mounted Police accountability / by Stephen Lorenz Weetlaufer. e-Books 2011 CPRC
Is the whole world still watching? : explaining police violence during the Toronto G8/G20 meetings / by Tarah Hodgkinson. e-Books 2011 CPRC
A new synthesis of public administration : serving in the 21st century / Jocelyne Bourgon. Books & Reports 2011 PS
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