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The Prince Albert Hub and the emergence of collaborative risk-driven community safety / by Dale R. McFee & Norman E. Taylor. e-Books 2014 CPRC
Tiered policing : an alternative model of police service delivery / Paul F. McKenna. e-Books 2014 PS-CPRC
Understanding the historical relationship between economics and change in policing : a policy framework / Michael Kempa. e-Books 2014 CPRC
The financial crisis : a perspective on cause and effect. e-Books 2010 CPRC
Healing the workplace : the RCMP experience with alternative dispute resolution / David F. Sunahara ; prepared for the Office of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Books & Reports 2002 PS
A national use of force framework. e-Books 2000 CPRC
Advanced Internet Investigations Course evaluation report / by Keith Daniels. e-Books 1998 CPRC
Law Enforcement Television Network evaluation / by I. Miller, J. Arnold. e-Books 1993 CPRC
The investigation of child abuse : an inquiry into training needs of police officers and the impact of Bill C-15, an Act to amend the criminal code : a survey of police officers in Canada by the Canadian Police College and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police / S.P. O'Sullivan and Julian V. Roberts. e-Archives 1992 PS-CPRC
Community policing in the 1980's : recent advances in police programs / edited by Donald J. Loree and Chris Murphy. e-Archives 1987 PS-CPRC
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