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Title Resource Year Location
Correctional objectives : the first steps to accountability / by Hugh J. Haley and Peter Lerette. e-Archives 1984 PS-CPRC
An evaluation of the Waterloo-Wellington Attendance Centre / by Steven D. Brown. e-Archives 1984 PS
Report of the Advisory Committee to the Solicitor General of Canada on the management of correctional institutions. e-Archives 1984 PS
A review of issues in sentencing / by Aidan R. Vining with the assistance of Inga Nyquist. e-Archives 1984 PS
Evaluation of the Canadian gun control legislation : final report / by Elisabeth Scarff. Books & Reports 1983 PS-CPRC
Evaluation of the Canadian gun control legislation : final report : executive summary / by Elisabeth Scarff = L'évaluation des mesures législatives canadiennes relatives au contrôle des armes à feu : rapport final : résumé / par Elisabeth Scarff. e-Archives 1983 PS
The Good neighbours crime prevention handbook. e-Archives 1983 PS-CPRC
Report to deputy ministers of justice, deputy attorneys and deputy solicitors general / by the Federal Provincial Committee on Criminal Justice Officials with respect to the McDonald Commission report. e-Archives 1983 PS-CPRC
Working together to prevent crime : a practitioner's handbook / [prepared under the direction of the Research and Communication Divisions of the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada by Dr. Rick Linden, Irwin Barker and Dr. Doug Frisbie] e-Archives 1983 PS-CPRC
Criminal investigation : a selective literature review and bibliography / by Duncan Chappell, Robert Gordon, Rhonda Moore. e-Archives 1982 PS
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