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Hacking ISIS : how to destroy the cyber jihad / Malcolm Nance and Chris Sampson ; foreword by Ali H. Soufan.


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This book is written by two of the leading terrorist experts in the world - Malcolm Nance, NBC News/MSNBC terrorism analyst and Christopher Sampson, cyber-terrorist expert. Malcolm Nance is a 35 year practitioner in Middle East Special Operations and terrorism intelligence activities. Chris Sampson is the terrorism media and cyber warfare expert for the Terror Asymmetric Project and has spent 15 years collecting and exploiting terrorism media. For two years, their Terror Asymmetrics Project has been attacking and exploiting intelligence found on ISIS Dark Web operations. Hacking ISIS will expl.


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Intro; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Foreword; Chapter 1: The Keys to the Cyber Caliphate; Chapter 2: Understanding the Cyber Battlespace; Chapter 3: History of the Cyber Jihad; Chapter 4: The ISIS Cyber Hierarchy; Chapter 5: The ISIS Cyber Fighters; Chapter 6: Software of the Global Jihad; Chapter 7: Jihadi Cyber Warfare Units; Chapter 8: The Hackers, Wannabees & Fembots; Chapter 9: Jihadi Murder & Cyber Media; Chapter 10: ISIS Digital and Strategic Communications Tool Kit; Chapter 11: All Is Great in the Caliphate; Chapter 12: The Anti-ISIS Cyber Army.
Chapter 13: Tracking ISIS in CyberspaceChapter 14: The Ghost Caliphate; Appendix A: ISIS Magazine Issues; Appendix B: Al-Hayat Video Database; Endnotes; Index.

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