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Western foreign fighters : the threat to homeland and international security / Phil Gurski.


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Includes bibliographical references and index.


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In this text, Phil Gurski examines why some people decide to abandon their homeland to join terrorist groups, and whether they pose a significant threat to their societies if they survive and return.


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Preface; A Personal Note; 1 Introduction; Structure of the Book; Notes; 2 Why War?; Chapter Abstract; What Is War?; Why War?; War and Terrorism; The Role of Ideology; The Quran; The Hadiths; Islamic State; Dabiq; Summary; Notes; 3 The Decision to Volunteer for War; The Glory of War; Chapter Abstract; Cautionary Note; Sanctioned Wars: Canada and the United States at War; War Post-9/11; Unsanctioned Wars; Do Returning Veterans Pose a Threat to Their Home Countries?; Summary; Notes; 4 Foreign Actors in Violent Jihad; Chapter Abstract; Why Compare Soldiers to Terrorists?
The Nature of the PhenomenonHistorical Antecedents; Scope of the Problem; Who Is Going?; Motivations; The Ummah at Risk; Hijrah/Disgust with the West; Desire to Help; Anti-Shia/Anti-Assad; Lure of the Caliphate; Apocalypse; Miscellaneous Factors; Religion as a Motivator; Why Are Some People Coming Back?; Parallels with Child Soldiers?; Summary; Notes; 5 Women and Jihad; Chapter Abstract; Women in Battle; Women in Terrorist Groups; Women and War in Islam; Women and IS; The Khanssaa Brigade; Summary; Notes; 6 Returning Foreign Fighters and the Threat They Pose; Chapter Abstract.
What Do We Know?The Threat Before Travel; The Threat During Travel; After They Return; Summary; Notes; 7 Evaluating and Countering the Threat Posed by Returning Fighters; The Radicalizer; Chapter Abstract; Important Note; High-Risk Traveler (HRT) Program; Before Travel; Early Intervention/Counter-radicalization; Investigation and Monitoring; Arrest/Peace Bond; Banning Travel to Conflict Zones; Passport Seizure; Doing Nothing?; After Travel; Rehabilitation/Deradicalization; Summary; Notes; 8 Conclusion; Chapter Abstract; What Will the Future Hold?; Notes; Appendix; Appendix Abstract; Note.
The QuranThe Hadiths; Scholars; Summary; Notes; Glossary; Suggested Reading; Bibliography; Index; About the Author.

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