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Law of search and seizure in canada / James A. Fontana ; David Keeshan.


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KE 9270 F6 2010




Includes bibliographical and index.


ciii, 1218 p. ; 24 cm.


This text describes and discusses the Canadian law on search and seizure. It details and analyzes Charter law and search and seizure issues under federal and provincial statutes; outlines the rules for the seizure of firearms under the federal Firearms Act, and analyzes the impact of new and emerging search technologies. Topics covered include search warrant requirements, execution and review of warrants, motor vehicle, personal and drug-related searches, and electronic surveillance and computer searches.



8th ed. / prepared by David Keeshan.


1. An overview of search and seizure law -- 2. Search warrants. -- 3. Requirements common to both search warrants and the supporting information. -- 4. Search warrant information. -- 5. Duties of the issuing judge or justice. -- 6. The execution of search warrants. -- 7. Disposition of seized goods. -- 8. Duties of the peace officer in the search and seizure process. -- 9. Reviewing a search and seizure process. --10. Special criminal code and other search powers. -- 11. Bawdy-houses; obscene publications; gaming houses.
12. Powers of search under certain federal statutes. -- 13. Controlled substances legislation. -- 14. Search powers under provincial statutes. -- 15. Non-standard searches. -- 16. Personal and vehicle searches. -- 17. Technical and electronic surveillance. -- 18. Seizure of bodily samples. -- 19. Search and seizure under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 8 and section 24. -- 20. Exclusion of evidence. -- 21. Police conduct in section 24 applications and sub-criteria. -- 22. Nature of the evidence on a section 24(2) application and various sub-criteria. -- 23. Effect of other charter or statutory breaches combined with section 8 breach. -- 24. Computer-related searches.


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