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Criminal law in Canada : cases, questions, and the Code / Simon Verdun-Jones.


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KE 8809 V47 2011




Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


This text offers a case-oriented approach to Canadian law, in which the reader is encouraged to study not only the general principles of criminal law but also the specific details of previously decided cases. Using this method, it is possible to learn to apply these principles of criminal law to concrete factual situations that arise in everyday life or situations. Contemporary changes in the Canadian Criminal Code are thoroughly examined and compared with precedent-setting cases, thereby creating a context for understanding and interpreting criminal law in Canada.



5th ed.


1. Introduction to Canadian criminal law – 2. The Actus Reus elements of a criminal offence – 3. Causation in the criminal law – 4. The mental element in the criminal law: subjective liability – 5. The mental element in the criminal law: objective liability – 6. The special case of regulatory offences: strict and absolute liability in Canada – 7. Modes of participation in crime and inchoate offences – 8. Mental impairment and criminal responsibility: the defences of "Not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder" (NCRMD) and automatism – 9. Mistake of fact, consent, and mistake of law as defences to a criminal charge – 10. Provocation and intoxication: partial defences to a criminal charge – 11. Necessity and duress: two excuses recognized by the courts as defences to a criminal charge – 12. Self-defence and defence of property.


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