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Dying to kill : the allure of suicide terror / Mia Bloom.


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HV 6431 B576 2005




Includes bibliographical references and index.


xvii, 251 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


The book examines the use, strategies, successes and failures of suicide bombing in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe and considers the effect and effectiveness of government responses. The author differentiates between religious and nationalist groups, pointing out that several of the most lethal terrorist organizations are secular. She considers the use of suicide terrorism to instil public fear, attract international news coverage, gain support, and to create solidarity or competition between terrorist organizations. She also considers how terrorist groups learn from one another and respond to counter terror tactics. While the motives of individuals remain important, the larger question is what external factors make it possible for terrorism to flourish? Bloom describes these conditions and develops a theory of why terrorist tactics work in some instances, and fail in others.



1. Introduction: the historical antecedents of terror. – 2. Palestinian suicide bombing: public support, market share and outbidding. – 3. Ethnic conflict, state terror and suicide bombing in Sri Lanka. – 4. Devising a theory of suicide terror. – 5. Halting suicide terror from within: the PKK in Turkey. – 6. Terror 101: the transnational contagion effects of suicide bombing. – 7. Feminism, rape and war: engendering suicide terror? – 8. Conclusions and prospects for the future: will Iraq cause suicide terror at home?


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