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Influences on Canadian correctional reform : working papers of the Correctional Law Review, 1986 to 1988.

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Working papers of the Correctional Law Review, 1986 to 1988
Comment a été façonnée la réforme correctionnelle au Canada : documents de travail sur la révision du droit correctionnel, de 1986 à 1989.
Correctional law review.




Includes bibliographical references.


482 p. ; 27 cm.


Title from cover.
Also issued in French under title : Comment a été façonnée la réforme correctionnelle au Canada : documents de travail sur la révision du droit correctionnel, de 1986 à 1989.
The Correctional Law Review is one of ... 50 projects that together constitute the Criminal Law Review".--Pref.
Chairperson of the Working Group: Alison MacPhail.
"The Correctional Law Review project was conducted by the Policy Branch of the Department of the Solicitor General (then known as the Ministry Secretariat). -- Acknowledgements.
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Paper no. 1. Correctional Philosophy. -- Pt. 1. Corrections in Canada. -- Pt. 2. The purpose and principles of the criminal law and implications for corrections. -- Pt. 3. A statement of purpose and principles for corrections. -- Pt. 4. The role of a statement of philosophy.
Paper no. 9. Mental Health Services for Penitentiary Inmates. -- Pt. 1. Dimensions of the mental health services problem. -- Pt. 2. Right to treatment. -- Pt. 3. Consent to treatment. -- Pt. 4. Force feeding. -- Pt. 5. Implications of right to treatment for institutional decision making. -- Pt. 6. Transfers to provincial mental health facilities: Penitentiary Act, Sections 19 and 20. -- Pt. 7. Confidentiality and right to know.
Paper no. 8. Federal-Provincial Issues in Corrections. -- Pt. 1. Federal-provincial split in jurisdiction. -- Pt. 2. The CLR approach to setting out legislative requirements in the provinces. -- Pt. 3. Federal-provincial irritants and emerging issues.
Paper no. 7. Correctional Issues Affecting Native Peoples. -- Pt. 1. The Native offender. -- Pt. 2. The legal context. -- Pt. 3. Amelioration of conditions of Native offenders.
Paper no. 6. Powers and Responsibilities of Correctional Staff. -- Pt. 1. The mandate of the correctional agency. -- Pt. 2. Authorization of staff powers. -- Pt. 3. The use of force and protections for staff. -- Pt. 4. Accountability.
Paper no. 5. Correctional Authority and Inmate Rights. -- Pt. 1. Retained rights. -- Pt. 2. Rights based on status as an inmate. -- Pt. 3. Enforcing the rules.
Paper no. 4. Victims and Corrections. -- Pt. 1. Informational concerns of victims. -- Pt. 2. Correctional programs which respond to victims' needs and interests. -- Pt. 3. Conditional release.
Paper no. 3. Conditional Release. -- Pt. 1. The philosophy of corrections. -- Pt. 2. The objectives of conditional release. -- Pt. 3. Key issues in conditional release.
Paper no. 2. A Framework for the Correctional Law Review. -- Pt. 1. Present framework: rules governing corrections. -- Pt. 2. Factors shaping the form and content of legislation. -- Pt. 3. Meeting the goals of the correctional law review. -- Pt. 4. Approaches to codification.

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